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Minivators newest stairlift extras: The Smart Seat

This article describes one of Minivator’s newest extras, the Smart Seat, which will replace the SpaceSaver and Luxury seats on all current and future models. The Minivator Smart Seat is a fantastic new innovation making their stair lifts much more comfortable and easy to use.

The Smart Seat

The new Smart Seat differs quite a lot from the old SpaceSaver seat, it is wider for added comfort, however has a reduced swivel radius. Having a reduced swivel radius means that the swivel is more accessible in smaller, narrower staircases as they are less obtrusive in the customers home. This new seat is designed to suit the needs of users of all shapes and sizes as it is now fitted with a shorter seat squab and softer matt finish upholstery.

Swivel Mechanism - The new swivel mechanism has been remade to suit those users with limited dexterity and strength as it is now much easier to operate. This comes as manual as standard, however powered options are available too for extra assistance. In the event of an emergency, the powered swivel can easily manually overridden with the leaver arm.

i-Clip - The smart seat will come standard with Minivator’s new answer to safety belts, the i-clip. The i-clip is a dual retractable seat belt, this means that the belt can be pulled out from either side to connect together at the centre, or even the left or right side, depending on the users flexibility and preference. The contrasting belt clip can be pressed with a gentle touch so is ideal for customers who suffer from arthritis or similar conditions of limited dexterity.

Telescopic Chassis - The slim line telescopic chassis provides an adjustable height setting which means you can have the stairlift perfectly sized to suit you. This provides the highest level of comfort for all clients.

Intelligent Safety – The new intelligent safety feature means that the stair lift will automatically move all powered features to their least obtrusive position when the lift is not in use. This means that the stair lift will automatically swivel the seat and fold away the footplate. Leaving the staircase as accessible as possible. It will also move the stair lift to the nearest charge point and fold up any hinged rails, or move the Slide Track to its uppermost position. When the lift is moving at this slow pace, if anything comes in to contact with any part of the stairlift, even the lightest tap of a finger, the stair lift will come to a halt, turning the entire lift into a safety sensor, eradicating possible collisions.

Getting a stairlift is a big decision, and requires a lot of thought and consideration. If you require any help in your decision, or if there’s anything that you’re unsure of, please don’t hesitate to call us here at UK Stairlifts Direct on 0800 3265627 for free information and impartial advice. We are here from 6:30am until 11:30pm in the evening to answer any queries you may have.

Book your Free Stair Assessment today! Call us on 0800 002 9915 or email us at or fill out our contact form on the left hand side.

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Because We Understand

At UK Stairlifts Direct we believe that the quality of your home life should not be reduced due to stair mobility issues. The team at UK Stairlifts Direct also understand the importance of remaining independent in your home.

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“I cannot thank you enough, our stairlift is perfect and everyone at UK Stairlifts Direct looked after us” Mr Bill Harvey, Nottinghamshire.

“The stairs in our home are quite narrow, we were surprised that UK Stairlifts Direct could offer so many suitable models, thank you” Mrs Croft, St Albans.

Due to my mother’s arthritis we weren’t sure she would be able to operate the controls. The UK Stairlifts Direct surveyor was really helpful and we placed our order today” Mr Jonathan Swift, Darlington.

“Our stairlift was installed yesterday and we couldn’t be happier, thank you UK Stairlifts Direct!” Mr Frank Litten, Hull.

“UK Stairlifts Direct were a pleasure to deal with and I would definitely recommend you” Ms Janet Forshaw, Liverpool.

“UK Stairlifts Direct made buying a stairlift easy” Mr Frenchman, Southampton.

“I have already recommended UK Stairlifts Direct twice!” Mrs Black, South Shields.

Curved Stairlift

Reasons to Purchase a Curved Stairlift

Before coming to us UK Stairlifts Direct customers often say that they believed stairlifts were only available for straight staircases. But a curved stairlift is the perfect solution for homes with stairs that have any form of corner, bend, curve or intermediate landing.

A curved stairlift is designed to travel around these obstacles safely and securely whilst maintaining a smooth ride for the user.

Each stairlift consists of a seat or standing platform and a track. A straight stairlift is supplied with a standard track but a curved stairlift track is made specifically for the stairs onto which it is to be installed. Because of this virtually any staircase is suitable for a curved stairlift.

At UK Stairlifts Direct we offer a range of different curved stairlift designs which offer a solution for most needs.

Please contact UK Stairlifts Direct to arrange a surveyor visit to determine the correct curved stairlift for you and to receive a quotation for a fully installed curved stairlift.

Things to Consider When Buying a Curved Stairlift

Never try to cut corners (literally) when buying a stairlift. A curved stairlift must be used with any stairs that are not straight.Whilst it may be tempting to install a straight stairlift and expect the user to climb the remaining stairs, a curved stairlift is designed with safety in mind and the small cost saving is not worth the loss of peace of mind. A curved stairlift design ensures that the user is delivered safely to level floor. A curved stairlift is also planning for the future when the user’s mobility may decrease.

A curved stairlift will need to be professionally installed. At UK Stairlifts Direct we have an experienced installation team who can install your curved stairlift for you.

There are just as many options available with a curved stairlift as there are with straight stairlifts, ensuring you don’t have to compromise because your stairs are more difficult.

When is a Curved Stairlift not Suitable?

At UK Stairlifts Direct we do not make claims we cannot keep, there are some circumstances where it is simply not possible to install a curved stairlift. A UK Stairlifts Direct surveyor will be able to advise you. If a curved stairlift cannot be installed there are other options for example a through floor lift which are also available from UK Stairlifts Direct.

Curved Stairlift Prices

Whilst a curved stairlift will cost a little more than a straight stairlift the price difference is generally marginal. It is impossible to provide a standard price for a curved stairlift as the tracks designs are bespoke. If you wish to understand more about the price of a curved stairlift please contact the UK Stairlifts Direct team to discuss your needs further.

Straight Stair Lifts

Important Information About Straight Stair Lifts

If you or a loved one needs that extra bit of help to get up and down the stairs then straight stairlifts will offer a great solution.

Straight stair lifts give the user back a sense of independence and safety and in many cases straight stair lifts can mean a user does not have to move home. At UK Stairlifts Direct we have heard many happy customers’ stories where this is the case.

What Are Straight Stair Lifts?

In brief straight stair lifts are seats or platforms that ascend and descend a track installed onto the staircase.

Straight stair lifts are designed to fit staircases that do not have bends or intermediate landings; if your staircase is not straight you need to consider a curved stair lift.

Are Straight Stair Lifts Comfortable?

The manufacturers of straight stair lifts have taken time to understand users’ needs and ensure they are comfortable. A number of different designs ensure straight stair lifts can be selected for the user’s requirements and for the design of the home.

Take a look at the other pages of this website to see the many designs of straight stair lifts that are available through UK Stairlifts Direct.

How Are Straight Stair Lifts Controlled?

There are a number of different options for controlling straight stair lifts, the user controls are generally on the arm of the seat but this can be amended if required. Paddle and joystick options enable easy use by most and if a carer is also required to operate then straight stair lifts can be fitted with additional controls. If straight stairlifts are to be used by more than one person a control can be put at both top and bottom of the stairs to ‘call’ the star lift to the required floor.

The UK Stairlifts Direct surveyor is able to assess the control and operation needs and ensure that straight stair lifts are fitted appropriately.

Are Straight Stair Lifts Expensive?

Straight stair lifts are very affordable, as one UK Stairlifts Direct customer said:

“We had put off looking at straight stair lifts as we thought they would be too expensive, we had even considered moving my mother’s bedroom downstairs. When we made contact with UK Stairlifts Direct we were pleasantly surprised. Straight stair lifts actually cost less than converting a downstairs room.” Thomas Hart, Shropshire.

The price of straight stair lifts vary depending upon specification and model, for a full quotation please contact the customer services team at UK Stairlifts Direct.

Disabled Stair lift

The disabled, elderly and infirm can all benefit from the installation of a disabled stair lift in their home.

A disabled stair lift can offer the user safety when traveling up and down the stairs whether used independently or with a carer.

At UK Stairlifts Direct, we understand before purchasing a disabled stair lift there are many considerations to make.

Here are the factors you need to consider to ensure you decide on the correct disabled stair lift to meet your needs.

How Can I Choose the Right Disabled Stair Lift?

The choice of disabled stair lift should take into account the following:

  • User needs
  • Home design

User Needs Consideration for a Disabled Stair Lift

It is important to consider the user needs when selecting a disabled stair lift.

  1. Who will operate the disabled stair lift: the user, carer or both?
  2. Will the disabled stair lift be used in conjunction with a wheelchair?
  3. Is the user able to operate the controls of a disabled stair lift and will they need special options such as a paddle switch or joy stick?
  4. Will the disabled stair lift be used by more than one person in the home?
  5. Does the user have special requirements for getting into and out of the disabled stair lift?

Home Design Considerations for a Disabled Stair Lift

Home design will also play a part in the correct choice of disabled stair lift solution.

  1. Is the disabled stair lift for interior or exterior use?
  2. How many stairs or steps will the disabled stair lift need to cover?
  3. Is the staircase straight and constant or does it have corners and intermediate landings?
  4. Are there other users of the stairs who will not use the disabled stair lift?
  5. Might the installation of a disabled stair lift block access to a room at either end of the stairs? If this is the case the disabled stair lift track can be extended to prevent causing an obstruction.

The Next Steps

Once you have considered the questions above please contact the UK Stairlift Direct customer services team as they will be able to direct you to which disabled stair lift options are appropriate.

The UK Stairlifts Direct team can arrange for a no obligation visit from a surveyor to obtain details of the disabled stair lift range suitable to meet your needs.

For any questions about the design or use of a disabled stair lift please call the UK Stairlifts Direct team as we have a team of experts able to offer help and advice on practically any general matter as well as about our disabled stair lift range.

Stairlifts Reviews

When UK Stairlifts Direct supply our stairlifts reviews of how our customers have found them are important. Stairlifts reviews help others make an informed choice.

We are always so grateful when we get stairlifts reviews from customers. Here are the stairlifts reviews we have received this month. Thanks for the stairlift reviews everyone!

Stairlifts Reviews #1

“After a visit from your surveyor, we went ahead and purchased the Stannah Solus model. In the aftercare call from UK Stairlifts Direct you told us how important stairlifts reviews are I thought I would let you know this stairlift is just perfect. The adjusting seat makes it easy to get in and out of and it deals with our awkward staircase perfectly. Thank you!”

George Frankish, Tunbridge Wells.

Stairlifts Reviews #2

“Here’s some feedback for your stairlifts reviews on your website! Your team just installed the Acorn 120 Superglide in my Mother’s house and in just two days it has transformed her life! Thank you for giving her back the use of upstairs and us back peace of mind”

Julia Gorman, Sheffield.

Stairlifts Reviews #3

“With such a big choice of stairlifts reviews really helped us make our decision, so here’s our review to help others! We chose the Companion curved stairlift for the staircase that covers three floors of our Victorian house. We both use it and neither of us have had any problems at all. In fact, my husband used to be an engineer and even he was impressed with how well made it is.”

Patricia Ford, Lincolnshire.

Stairlifts Reviews #4

“We didn’t give a review for your stairlifts reviews right away as we wanted to see how we got on with the Companion straight stairlift first. We have had it for two months now and it really is marvelous. Our only regret is that we didn’t buy it as soon as my knees went.”

Harjinder Mann, London

We hope these stairlifts reviews have helped you, to know more about each of the models please visit the specific page on the website.

If you would also like to contribute to our stairlifts reviews please get in touch with the team, we always love to hear from you!

Stair lift Prices

Our Stair Lift Prices are Lower than You Might Expect!

Our customers at UK Stairlifts Direct are often surprised by how low our stairlift prices are. Many people seem to have put off buying a stair lift for months or even years because they expected stair lift prices to be more expensive.

Compared with any of the other options like moving home, or changing a downstairs room into a bedroom, or employing a carer stair lift prices are the cheapest solution for people of reduced mobility to gain back their independence.

At UK Stairlifts Direct we are able to offer the most competitive stair lift prices as we have ensured that we keep down our business running costs.

We deal directly with manufacturers and negotiate the best stair lift prices to pass on to you.

We would love to have high street shops but they are expensive, instead we use the wonders of the internet and reflect this in our stair lift prices.

Our surveyor and installation teams are the right size so we can respond to your request quickly, but we are not paying them to drink cups of tea! Again this minimises our stair lift prices.

Most importantly we are not greedy. We would rather have happy customers paying fair stair lift prices than make a lot of profit from customers who would not recommend us.

Our satisfied customers tell us we have it right. Our stair lift prices are as low as possible so that you come to us rather than one of our competitors!

You might have noticed that many companies do not publicise stair lift prices and we think this is wrong. Whilst stair lift prices vary according to specific details we can give you a good indication right here…

Straight Stair Lift Prices from £950

Curved Stair Lift Prices from £1,995

Wheelchair Stair Lift Prices from £2,990

Outdoor Stair Lift Prices from £2,595

We cannot give you details of reconditioned stair lift prices here because it really does depend upon what we have in at any moment but you can save up to 40% of the new stair lift prices so call to discuss what we have available.

The stair lift prices stated above are an indication only, contact UK Stairlifts Direct to discuss your requirement in more detail and we will be able to prepare a full quotation for you.